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Voxpro is a Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing provider delivering customer contact solutions to companies and organisations in the domestic and international markets - ranging from SMEs to multi-national corporations, including leading international blue-chip companies.

Voxpro is the unseen link connecting businesses to their clients, in 12 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Peerless combination of smart people and technology.

We proudly handle the European Customer Support for Travelzoo - the most trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals on the internet.

One of Ireland’s largest domestic wholesalers relies on us to provide their product recall service as well as out of hour’s service for their warehouse support line and IT service desk ensuring a glitch free supply chain.

Health sector

Award winning service to Dublin's Mater private hospital through appointment scheduling, confirmations, and cancellations reducing ‘no shows’ and supporting the hospital in their bid to deliver superior medical care.

Public Sector

Voxpro are one of a limited number of organizations that are part of the Irish Government’s Emergency infrastructure that handle emergency escalations 24x7x365.

Not for profit

Our people work with some of Ireland’s high profile not for profit organisations providing key campaign management services so that these agencies can get the best return from their campaigns


We provide customer support for phone, TV and broadband services by combining teams of dedicated and multi skilled agents alongside our superior technology.


Your customers deserve to be loved

Delivering the art of customer service to Any Customer, Every Time. We believe that excellent customer service is the right of every organization and every consumer. We believe that EXCELLENT outsourced customer services should be accessible to all and that organizations who seek to delight their customers through excellent service can change the world.

Our Promise

We make excellent customer service available and accessible. We promise that the solution we design with you will be lightweight, adaptable, set up quickly and above all human and excellent.

Oh and we’re not size-ist. The starter package is not offered by our competitors. Business transforms and so do we.

Oh and we’re not elitist – its humans interacting with humans – NOT ROCKET SCIENCE

Constant Journey Improvement through Quality

At Voxpro, quality is our governing dynamic. It’s our unwavering standard. We continually invest and capitalise on the knowledge IP that we have developed over our 40 year history to tackle a process and improve its quality output; again and again and again. Established and proven tools such as agent queue reviews, early intervention programs and Grad Bay have allowed us to become the number one Csat rated vendor for one of our largest international clients currently tracking at 95% average across 6 product lines.


Our flexibility is not simply a secret sauce but the clever utilization of our shared resource centre. Voxpro own and operate a team of 80 multilingual agents’ available for campaign and contract activity to our clients. Essentially on demand. This resource, gives us the experience, culture and infrastructural ability to be flexible with our clients and to “right size” their team to meet their customer need requirements.

Sales through Service

We are fully supportive of any initiative that sees progressive sales through service as a companywide objective and see the obvious gains to be achieved in its successful delivery; Revenue and Retention being the two most obvious. We have successfully deployed sales through service offerings in a number of processes; with valuable lessons learnt in all cases. At Voxpro we have the management and training team in place to work with any client to design, implement, track and coach for the optimum sales return from those service calls that present an opportunity. Examples of sales through service are:

  • End of life fault
  • Customer damage beyond repair
  • No longer fit for purpose

Each presents a sales possibility to be exploited and captured.

Evolve or Die

At Voxpro, we pride ourselves on innovation; it is part of our culture and one of our core values. We are excited about the possible innovations we can bring to improve our clients’ customer journey while at the same time constantly challenging the commercial returns on the project. An awareness of the cost per acquisition and service keeps us challenged to deliver more. With the advent of video agents, click to call, social response; these are exciting times to be supporting diverse customer Medias and requirements.

Proud to be based In Ireland

The Gateway to Europe… Literally! Located in Cork in a hub of ICT activity we have access to a pool of multilingual European talent right on our doorstep. As the product of 2 entrepreneurial Corkonians  (i.e. what people from Cork call themselves when they’re being nice!), being situated in Ireland has shaped our organization.  Everything we do we embody the Irish spirit – we’re hardworking, fun loving, friendly and we love a challenge!

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