About Us

Big Dreams

Voxpro is an award winning provider of Multilingual Customer Experience & Technical Support solutions to giant global brands. Headquartered in Cork, we have offices in Dublin, San Francisco, Folsom, California, Athens, Georgia, Bucharest, Romania and Manila in the Philippines.

Our success is our people. Their creativity and hunger deliver compassionate, clever and robust solutions. Their talent attracts great clients whose vision engages our people. This is the sustainable and happy life cycle of Voxpro.

Voxpro started with 6 people above a pub in Cork City. We are now 2500 strong and growing fast. Though our number has changed, our vision holds fast; To Deliver Beautiful Customer Experience to companies who are changing the world. This vision is powered by human connection and we’re bringing it back to the call centre one contact at a time.

We will only get better as we are humbled by all that we have learned and all that is yet to come.

Voxpro has big dreams and even bigger personality.

Connect with us, and be part of our journey.

About Voxpro

We are audacious

(most of the time)

Some of the Good Stuff

Our Vision

Delivering Beautiful Customer Experience to those who are changing the world.

Core Values

Brace yourself:
There is no such thing as a normal day.

  • We thrive on solving new challenges.
  • We are agile. We are dynamic. We are the chameleon.
  • We think on our feet and push for the extraordinary.
  • We never give up.

Embrace the evolution:
We learn, share, and grow.

  • We put the customer first. Always.
  • We learn from our customers, we share what we learn.
  • We evolve together. Your customers are our customers.
  • Knowledge is our super power.

We’re relentless
in the pursuit of operational


  • It cascades into every corner of the business.
  • Giving beautiful customer experience to the world is our why.
  • We are setting the standard to wow.
  • Our creativity boldly rejects mediocrity.

Ignite your

  • Voxpro is a hub of audacious innovators.
  • You’re empowered to make a difference and encouraged to take risks.
  • You are always heard, it’s what makes us different.
  • Dare to dream big.

You belong at

  • Our diversity defines our uniquely quirky style and we cherish it.
  • Human connection powers our community.
  • Our people are the business. They are our heart and soul.
  • Everyone belongs.

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