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Keeping your user community protected from online threats for a safe user experience.

By Voxpro

At Voxpro – powered by TELUS International, we pride ourselves on our mature and robust Trust & Safety offering that we deliver on behalf of some of the world’s most exciting, innovative and disruptive companies. We understand the importance of creating a safe user experience for your customers, and we want to be part of the efforts to ensure the safety of all our partners’ customers.

The digital nature of today’s global economy has opened up opportunities for cyber criminal opportunists, but never forget that you are the one in control, not them. By taking a proactive approach to your trust and safety operations you will shut them down, lock them out, and successfully scale the size and the trust of your customer base.Dan KielyVoxpro CEO & Co Founder

We safeguard our client communities from content or actions that have been flagged as inappropriate or violating our client’s community guidelines via both proactive and reactive support.

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Our proactive support involves proactive security checks and vetting of flagged/suspicious users or accounts. Our teams can identify bogus or hacked accounts and fake duplicated accounts that are designed with the intention of duping users. Our teams review all the accounts that have been flagged, in order to ensure they meet our partners’ standards to uphold the company’s integrity.


The reactive support team deals with emergency situations and crisis management. This team provides a quick, level headed response to these situations and are able to mediate and give assurances to the affected customer. These situations could include anything from customers being placed in immediate danger or to wider issues of illegal activities that need to be reported to the authorities.


Identity verification is an activity that is key to many of our partner’s trust and safety efforts. Our teams verify user identity by using a variety of different tools and methods including face match tools, verifying their official documents such as passports by scanning them for fraudulent markers such as watermarks, stickers etc. Our teams also check the user’s social media and gmail accounts to verify the user’s credibility.


We understand the importance of safety in your user community, and we are confident in our ability to develop trust and safety programmes that safeguard client community against incidents of cyberbullying, hacking, impersonation, fraud, invasions of privacy and distribution of inappropriate content. We have proven client success in the area of Trust & Safety and have scaled large teams on behalf of our partners in this area.


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